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I was extremely impressed with Bobby Glass and the facility at LAL Wellness and Spa. The patient care was nothing short of superb. Bobby used his well-trained eye to assess me in posture and movement. Together with his intake findings and my short interview, he was able to pinpoint exactly the problem I’ve been having. His skills as a therapist are caring, intuitive, and professional. I felt like I was in confident hands which allowed me to relax for better healing. I would recommend Bobby Glass at LAL Wellness and Spa for anyone who is having aches and pains. He will find the root cause and guide you in the right direction for total recovery.-Shila, LMT, NST

I absolutely loved my first session with Bobby! He has such great welcoming energy, makes you feel totally at ease, and discusses everything he does while helping to educate you so you can also help yourself. My TMJD pain was gone after our session and I'm still pain-free today which is my first day in 9 days so I'm over the moon! He is a wealth of knowledge and I highly recommend anyone suffering to seek him out and allow him to help you! -Audrey

What an incredible experience!  As a holistic practitioner myself, it’s hard to find someone who “gets it”.  Bobby is extremely thorough in his evaluation and actually listens to you.  He understands the concept of discovery root cause with a holistic approach. I felt unbelievably relaxed and pain free when I left.  Loved the positive energy he brings and look forward to more treatments with him.  
-Tara Ditocco, CTNC 

Bobby is very knowledgeable and professional. He is an awesome therapist who takes care of his clients' goals and explains everything in detail so we have a better knowledge and understanding of how our body works and what we need to keep doing to maintain a healthy physique and lifestyle. 

My back always feels better after one of Bobby’s treatment sessions.  

-Susan RN. Colon Hydrotherapist

Bobby Glass.. what an incredible person. I met him when he was a student, I followed him through graduation and I will continue to see him in his private practice. I am not an ordinary problem. Since I’ve had MS for over 40 years, my body was quite a mess.. Bobby has continually focused on straightening me out and getting all my parts working together again. He has encouraged me and shown me ways to continue my treatments through home exercises. He is always friendly and upbeat, and he has great tattoos..

-Lois Underwood

 I originally met Bobby about a year ago, when he began helping me with severe pain in my right shoulder.  The treatment he delivered, alleviated the extreme discomfort I was experiencing, and it helped me regain my normal range of motion. I just recently visited Bobby again, due to pain in my neck and shoulders, from physical labor. Because of his integrity, a wide range of knowledge, and superlative massage therapy skills, I couldn't have imagined allowing anyone else to work on me. Bobby's expertise, character, and sense of humor will continue to keep me coming back for any future pain management. I deeply appreciate what he has done to improve my quality of life. His healing hands have made a lasting impact on me, and I have no doubt he can do the same for you. Thanks a million.

-Erin McCoy

Bobby is a true professional and gentleman. I felt like I was getting such expert care for my neck which was in great pain due to stress and grief from the loss of a loved one. Bobby performed deep tissue work and brought such relief in one session. I am so very grateful for his deep devotion to his career and his clients. I trust him completely!!

-Donna Mastro

I was beyond impressed with Bobby and his expertise work! I had a strained groin muscle that was progressively getting worse. Bobby was able to fit me into his busy schedule at the last minute and perform work on my injury. He took the time to explain what he was doing and why, as well as showed me pictures of my strained anatomy and the reason I was feeling the way I was. He provided me with instructions to care for my injury as well as displayed exercises to strengthen my muscle. Although the pain increased a few hours after the Neuromuscular therapy, by the next morning I noticed improvement and the following day I was 100% pain-free! Bobby is very professional in his practice along with being very friendly and personable. I highly recommend Bobby for his awesome therapeutic services!

-Jen Barberi, Nurse Practitioner 

Went to see Bobby after a year of near-constant pain on the right side of my body, with no answers as to the cause. (I had previously seen a chiropractor, a podiatrist, and an orthopedic doctor). During the initial consultation, Bobby discovered that I had the wrong type of insert in my shoe and took measurements to find out the correct type and height I needed for a shorter left leg. He also directly massaged the trigger points that were causing me so much pain. By the third visit, I felt so much better. I was walking without pain again and have finally been able to get back to a regular exercise routine. I feel so grateful for all of his knowledge and expertise. I can’t recommend him highly enough! 

-Kirsten Serkin, CPT





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